The Movement

It's not just an event. It's a movement Technological innovation has brought with it wonderful opportunities, and just at the right time
How did it all begin?

StrikeTwo was conceived in 2018 after the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture commissioned a study indicating the relevance of blockchain for a sustainable resilient agrifood economy.

The study identified a need for meeting space to make (more) sense of technology and its value for a stronger agrifood economy. Under the direction of a technology innovator, The New Fork, the characteristics of a hackathon and acceleration program were combined and StrikeTwo was born. Fast forward to now, and StrikeTwo is known as THE meeting place where technology and agrifood intersect. StrikeTwo was first held in 2019, with over 600 participants from all continents, representing Rabobank, Unilever, Ahold Delhaize, The World Bank, Google, Wageningen UR, farmers, FAO and so on. In total, 9 innovation roadmaps were developed. The shock of COVID-19 in 2020 meant we would take the summit fully digital and would yield 5 roadmaps. It also solidified StrikeTwo as a movement, not just an event. With StrikeTwo as the anchor, we organised biweekly meetings to make sense out of the COVID-19 chaos, to learn and coordinate responses. It was in these sessions that the value of StrikeTwo as an innovation hub became apparent.

About the organisers

The New Fork was founded by Marieke de Ruyter de Wildt in 2017 with the goal of achieving global food integrity through blockchain technology. StrikeTwo is organised and supported by The New Fork, in addition to track sponsors and members of our strategic and technical advisory committees. Kirsten Coppoolse and Megan Vasko are leading the 2021 StrikeTwo summit.

Our 2021 partners
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