Nov 1 - 4 | Digital Event | Hosted from Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Future of food
StrikeTwo is an annual event where a coalition of the willing comes together for 4 working sessions, creating innovation roadmaps to solve the biggest issues facing our food system
The Themes
Consumer Trust

Consumers are becoming more and more interested in knowing the origin, safety and nutritional value of the food. Blockchain and other technologies are facilitating this transition, incorporating more traceability and safety information in food supply chains, to ensure consumers’ needs on the origin of food products as well as their quality and safety standards are met.

Farm Income

Global food systems need to be re-organised to counteract the shrinking farm incomes. StrikeTwo aims to increase farm gains, driven by technological solutions. Making technology like machine learning, AI and blockchain available, practical, and usable for farmers can help increase their income and raise the standard of living for smallholder farmers across the globe.

Supply Chain Management

In a globalised economy, supply chains have only become more complicated. StrikeTwo believes there is a better way forward for farmers, consumers, and all supply chain partners. Technology can deeply connect supply chain partners to each other and increase the efficiency and transparency of the global food trade.

The technology-powered future of food If you operate in the tech or agrifood space and are ready to speed up the food transition, you are in the right place.
StrikeTwo is a combination of a hackathon and an acceleration program, addressing the biggest challenges of our agrifood economy: consumer trust, farm income and sustainable supply chain management. This 4-day working summit results in concrete, committed innovation roadmaps. StrikeTwo’s overall objective is to accelerate the resilience of the agrifood economy with technology. HOW do we do this? StrikeTwo focuses on 3 key themes: consumer trust, farm income, and sustainable supply chain management. Within each theme are a number of innovation experiments, which we call ‘tracks.’ In StrikeTwo hand-on working sessions, participants go beyond the theoretical and develop a 1 year innovation roadmap, complete with commitment from the co-creators to make it a reality.
StrikeTwo is

StrikeTwo has established itself as a hotbed of collaboration, co-creation and execution in the space where agrifood, sustainability, and technology intersect. Food supply chain issues previously thought to be insurmountable are tackled head on by a curated coalition of farmers, private businesses, research organisations, NGOs, start-ups and government


StrikeTwo attracts the best and the brightest. Not only do attendees collaborate on an innovation roadmap - they commit to its execution. Our Strategic and Technical advisory committee members support track owners and the participants THEMSELVES make StrikeTwo what it is. A coalition of the willing


A great idea is one thing, execution is another. Our tried and tested StrikeTwo methodology ensures each track challenge is well defined by facilitating input from experts and stakeholders. Design thinking informs the methodology, while ensuring everyone gets involved. The end result is rapid a consortium of partners committed to executing the innovation roadmap

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