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Challenging the impossible

StrikeTwo has established itself as a hotbed of collaboration, co-creation and execution in the space where agrifood, sustainability, and technology intersect. Food supply chain issues previously thought to be insurmountable are tackled head on by a curated coalition of farmers, private businesses, research organisations, NGOs, start-ups and government.

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Each StrikeTwo has a theme and each summit produces three executable roadmaps. We go beyond the theoretical and get commitment from the creators of these roadmaps for one year. At our annual StrikeTwo event we showcase the progress of the previous 12 months and if the continuance criteria is met, we design the next 12 months.


A more transparent food system not only impacts the environment in a positive way, it also empowers the consumer and the farmer.


We need transparency and circularity to make our food system more sustainable. And we need digital solutions to get there.


Let’s re-think the way we use resources for agriculture. Digital innovations can have a big impact on changing the way we choose food, make food and transport food.

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