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The quality of agricultural soil is rapidly declining, resulting in more usage of polluting pesticides, artificial fertilizer and other CO2-intensive chemicals. These substances further reduce the soil quality, so it won’t come as a surprise that we’re in a negative loop. More transparency and accountability are needed to turn around the unsustainable usage of agricultural land.


We’re working together with ZLTO, a Dutch association with more than 13.000 farmers affiliated. You’ll get some very interesting solutions from providers like Soil Heroes, a Dutch company that provides a scalable system for pro-nature farmers who want to reduce their carbon footprints, and Ambrosus, a blockchain-powered IoT network for food enterprises.


Having insights in the quality of your soil is valuable for farmers. Hence, a system to register soil credentials can motivate farmers to implement more sustainable farming practices to improve the soil and reduce their carbon footprint. During this track we’ll look at the implementation of such a system. By visualizing the data in this system, such as energy usage, water footprints and CO2 certificates, gamification models can be applied to stimulate farmers to engage in new revenue streams.

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