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Bluenumber will focus on Palm Oil from Southeast Asia. How can we make a highly complex chain transparent by providing digital identities to smallholder farmers? This track will explore the use of digital identity to give smallholder farmers dignity, livelihoods and sustainable rural economies. We will present how data from farmers can deliver them a new stream of wealth. System integrity is a function of authenticity that can be achieved if ‘big-data’ aggregated by thousands of smallholder farmers become a foundation for blockchain transactions. Joining all the digital smallholder dots ensures there are no loose-ends or black-boxes in any palm oil supply chain. Individual digital identity triangulated by peers is trustworthy. Audits, policing and certification are barriers that can be eliminated if we build trust with farmers by knowing them and ‘re-humanising’ our food supply chains. Every farmer’s unique digital identity is a property right to own and control their own data. Having data rights and a personal digital infrastructure will enable farmers to show how their contribution supports claims of sustainable supply chains. They become the foundation for system-wide transparency and traceability. They will help us ensure food safety and quality, build consumer awareness, rural livelihoods, positive social and economic impacts, and preserve environmental landscapes. Bluenumber (B#) is a free unique ID for farmers and farms. All data is owned by the farmer. They choose what information to share and who to share it with. B# infrastructure is neutral, and independent. Stakeholders can use B#s to reference and interoperate between silos of private data that typically only have a segment of information on the context in which farming communities operate. Most farmers and farms are common between several corporate and regulatory silos. Governments, Companies and Communities can use B# farmer-centric data for better analysis and better responses. This track puts digital identity in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Behind produce and crops are actual farmers and communities who deserve and demand development. Can we switch our focus from validating outputs and defending labeling to helping farmers be more resilient? Bluenumber has developed a beneficiary-centric SDG Scorecard built around a farmer’s unique digital identity. ‘Sustainable food’ = ‘sustainable farmers’ + ‘sustainable farms’. If farmers think and act sustainably all their produce will be sustainable. Unique IDs allow self-evidencing of practices and inter-related measuring against the SDGs.

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