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Worldwide, we see that farmers and agricultural companies are closing or retiring at an alarming rate. This is made possible by a number of important issues. We see land prices rising and megafarms increasing in size and influence. At the same time there’s a lack of millennials and young professionals in the food system. How can we stimulate and facilitate the new generation of farmers? It starts with making a farm buyout much easier by implementing new business models.


The NAJK, the Dutch association of young famers, facilitates and organizes this track in collaboration with STEM. The NAJK is an association that stimulates and facilitates a new generation of farmers, for instance by offering support in the acquisition of farms and agricultural land by young farmers. Many more organizations will be involved during this track, like Swarm, an organization that facilitates the change of ownership via blockchain technology.


The narrative of this track is to discuss how new technologies, such as Stem, can make the farm buyout process easier. These tools also enable different co-ownership models, such as cooperatives, community supported agriculture (CSA) and demand driven farming. We’ll find out how we can stimulate and empower the new generation of farmers to buy farms with ease through blockchain-based applications.

Some of the outcomes of this track include:

  • More local, small-scale and community supported farms.
  • Empowering millennials to get into the farming business.
  • More co-ownership and shared risk management of agricultural land and productivity.

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