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De Boeren van Amstel is a Dutch dairy cooperative with 21 farms. They deliver to Friesland Campina but also have a direct sales channel to local supermarkets, restaurants and consumers. They need to finance their milk factory. After some investors helped them to purchase equipment, they are short 200.000 euro. This track shows how shares of the cooperative are now managed on Stem, a blockchain solution that makes shareholder management very easy and very cheap (https://www.stemapp.io/). The short term aim of this track is to make a roadmap that helps De Boeren van Amstel to get additional financiers on board for this 200k by the end of this year, using Stem. We invited friends, neighbours, consumers to see if and under what terms they want to co-invest. The longer term aim of this track is to determine whether innovative solutions like Stem can help with financing farms. For example also for farm succession.

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