/ Amsterdam, 19-20 SEPT 2019

Solution Market

Being part of the Solution Market is special.

Contrary to trade fairs, government market places and standard conferences, here you get in touch with companies and organizations differently.

  • YOUR audience seeks a solution to implement then and there
  • YOU and your tool will be validated by top-notch companies and organizations
  • YOU belong to a high quality batch, presented in exclusivity during the Solution Market
  • YOUR audience wants to be updated on the last solutions available to remain competitive in a pressured environment
  • YOU and your audience will work on a roadmap that in itself is the foundation for mutual business
  • YOU’RE on the radar because we feel that you would add value to our track owners
  • YOUR audience’s problems are real and their time is dedicated to finding a solution, so dedicated to you
  • YOU will experience competition, through our Token challenge
  • AND if you’re still not convinced, or think it is too early… call and we will find a way.
19-20 sept 2019



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21-22 nov 2019



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23-24 jan 2020



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What do we offer you?

Floor Plan

The solution market is structured to be in one central place, bringing all solution providers together. The solution market is built out of several booths, the tents are not themed and offering a wide diversity of solutions. The screen at the top of the room is there to display the amount of tokens circulation and its current “price” (Seetrading and negotiation) in the market. This is displayed right next to a “relaxation area” with comfortable chairs and or “sitting sacks” for participants and vendors.

The spirit of the Summit is to allow every game changer to propose its own innovative solution to the customers. All exhibitors get the same treatment, same booth and same exposure.

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We track agriculture production from farm to final destination.

Use the power of data, algorithms and agronomics. Get more out of your fields.

Digital transformation of the supply chain with blockchain. More flexibility, control and visibility!

The open, distributed and secure communications protocol for the circular economy.


Ambrosus is a blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, enabling secure and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers and databases to optimise supply chain visibility and quality assurance.


The FairChain Foundation uses cutting-edge technologies to facilitate inclusive business models and shared value chains.

Farm Fit Fund

We support the development of viable business models delivering finance and other services to smallholder farmers.

Our mission is to deliver digital solutions to secure sustainable sourcing, improve farmer quality of life and protect the environment.

FarmX is an app-enabled B2B2C platform that matches on-demand farmers request to agro service providers with mobile payment solution, optimizing food production and access to wider markets.

We help leading producers & retailers to meet consumer demand for transparency. Aligning all parties in the food chain using blockchain technology, giving unrivalled storytelling and product claims opportunities.

IBM Food Trust uses blockchain technology to improve transparency, standardization and efficiency throughout the food supply chain. Collaborate and connect with other network participants to share data through a holistic food supply chain solution.

HalloBoer is 1 location where you are able to find local farm products, discover what’s going on with farmers or even make direct business with farmers.
Create your visual story / promotions / training in 3D holography using HOLOFIL to attract and engage your audience. HOLOFIL is a 3D visualization tabletop device with 3D content to create visual experiences for branding, promotions, education, & training.


VDH Products BV develops and produces mechanical and electronic instruments for measuring temperature, pressure and relative humidity. VDH Products is a modern and customer-oriented organization with global loyal customers.
RapidPricer helps retailers to increase margin and reduce waste by automating pricing and promotion in real time unlike traditional consulting solutions.


SIM delivers you the expertise, team and technology to obtain data you can trust and act upon.
Farm-to-table Food Traceability Solution Using Blockchain Technology, dedicated to improve food safety, fight of corruption, and mitigate the effects of food frauds.
Transforming Pacific Fisheries & Agriculture through Collaborative, Transparent, Traceability.

/ consumer trust, 19-20 sept. 2019

The Program for the Upcoming Event

What you will need

Your own IT equipment

Screens, laptops, soundsystem (please refer to the rules around the booth section).

Marketing Material

Banners, roll-ups, logos and personalized visual charts.

Contact information

Business cards and quick starter guides on your solutions.


Booths are available for solution providers at € 950, VAT excluded.

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Single stand

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